SEP Technology Consulting’s technologists specialize in helping our clients leverage technology to solve their business problems creatively and effectively. Our methodologies are generated to create solutions that are flexible, scalable, supportable, and foremost of all, geared to facilitate evolving needs efficiently over time. Each of our team members possesses immense depth of experience in their technology specializations, and are guided by our development methodologies to deliver accelerated and successful implementations. We work with public and private sectors, and financial firms to perform technical discovery and project assessment. Then using that assessment, we develop a strategic technology plan and a detailed roadmap.

In the ever-changing realm of programming languages, platforms and tools, we pride ourselves in meeting this challenge with the following technical skills:

  • Current and Leading Technologies
    • JAVA Enterprise Platform and Technologies (JEE)
    • Microsoft.NET, Cloud and Mobile Platform
    • Web 2.0/3.0
  • Enterprise Level Product Improvements
    • Operations & Maintenance Costs Reductions
    • Optimizing the Resources by Automating Manual Processes and Improving Productivity Accordingly
    • Measurable Process Efficiency
  • Enterprise IT Standards and Best Practices
    • Sets Underlying Guidelines for Project Teams
    • Improved IT Architecture Governance
    • Usability Improvements

From strategy to implementation, we deliver solutions that help drive transformation, improve productivity and streamline our client’s objectives so that they achieve excellence and a competitive advantage. We use our knowledge of current and emerging ideas to utilize technology for positive change while maintaining overall operational stability and security. With a deep understanding of various architectural styles like Resource Oriented Architecture, Object Oriented Architecture, and Service Oriented Architecture, we provide solutions by blending these styles as per client requirements.


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