Organizational Change Management

SEP Technology Consulting is adept in helping its clients prepare for changes that accompany new systems implementations. We recognize the importance of the various aspects of Organizational Change Management including communications, business process change, training, and user acceptance. We excel in providing organizational change assessments and solutions with our understanding of the human elements of change, information technology, and industry best practices. The diverse experiences of our teams in business operations management and information technology, make us uniquely qualified to help our clients achieve a smooth and seamless system adoption. SEPTech’s Organizational Change Management Framework provides a consistent and proven approach to planning, managing, and executing change programs successfully.

Our teams focus on three main areas to effectively manage the changes introduced by the project:

  • Communication and Managing Change
    • Engage stakeholders to build a robust network of change advocates
    • Strategize communications themes and key messages to convey the benefits of the project
    • Ensure continuous management support during periods of change
    • Gain end-users buy in for implementation
  • Training
    • Assess training needs while leveraging the client’s Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
    • Design training plan and delivery method
    • Create training materials
    • Conduct classroom training, on-the-job training, job shadowing or other methods as appropriate for the client
  • Organizational Readiness
    • Perform analysis of impacted audience and processes
    • Analyze current support organization
    • Establish user support processes

Gaining adoption of new system deployment and new business processes can be a challenge. While some may see the obvious benefits, others may resist change. It is crucial to identify how to mitigate resistance to change in light of new responsibilities and roles in order to prepare the organization for a successful transition.

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