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SEP Technology Consulting’s Business Analysis team is comprised of experienced and motivated analysts who strive to help clients achieve their desired technology goals based on specific business objectives. Our Business Analysis leadership and core team members have years of experience improving processes and delivering detailed requirements across multiple industries and business sectors. The team adheres to our proven SEPTech Project Execution Framework that is grounded in solving our client’s needs pragmatically, and with longevity in mind. Our approach is anchored in our core values, which promote flexibility and adaptation to a client’s culture along with striving for a sustainable and extensible outcome.

SEPTech’s Business Analysis team provides a consistent and proven approach to detailed analysis through:

  • Requirements Gathering, Analysis and Documentation

o   Elicitation Techniques

o   Process and Workflow Analysis and Optimization

o   Validation and Verification

o   Detailed Requirement specifications and Review processes

  • Requirements Management

o   Scope Management

o   Triage and Prioritization

o   Bi-directional Traceability

With our SEPTech core values, we emphasize our need to understand our client’s culture, their internal and external users, and their overall organizational needs. Throughout the length of a project, this approach allows our teams to communicate more effectively with our clients. Through effective communication, our team builds a solid relationship with engagement sponsors and key project stakeholders, which improves the collaborative process. The collaboration begins with our teams leading the creation of a vision, or ratifying one, where it exists, and gathering detailed requirements from the client for both functional and non-functional goals. The Business Analysis team is well versed in many elicitation techniques providing adaptability to decipher the problem at hand. The specific techniques applied are based on the chosen methodology and our understanding of the client’s problem or opportunity.

The detailed analysis and documentation that follow provide the client and the project team with progressive and innovative solutions, requirements traceability, and manageable scope. The Business Analysis team will work alongside the technical and development teams to provide requirements insight during the application solutioning process. As part of providing the overall end-to-end solution, detailed documentation along with recommendations on business process improvements will be provided for our clients. These improvements will allow the client to eliminate redundancies, improve overall efficiency and increase their return on investment (ROI) in the project.

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